What is the Legend of Polloman?


This series is an effort to create the first true transmedia Mexican folklore universe and bring the culture and history of Mexico to life through a deep story and rich world much like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Studio Ghibli have created.



Emmanuel, a timid boy from a small pueblo in Mexico, will learn the true meaning of sacrifice after he stumbles into the Mictlan, the Aztec underworld, where he must vanquish legends such as El Raton de los Dientes, La Llorona, and El Cucuy if he ever hopes to see his family again.


Growing up, I enjoyed Japanese and Medieval fantasy, but where were the Mexica warriors, Alebrijes or El Cucuy!?  I always heard about them through folktales, but never got to see them on screen or paper. So I've spent the last two years researching the Nahua culture, Mesoamerican mythology, and the beautiful surviving Codices such as the Codex Borgia and Codex Fejérváry-Mayer to make this series and world as authentic and unique as possible.


The Polloman series is planned to be eight books long, each with six chapters, alongside spin-offs including a pilot episode, tabletop marble game, and other projects. I have dedicated the rest of 
my life to bringing this fantasy world to reality, and hope to provide Latinx and non-latinx audiences with the world I wish I had growing up. I hope you'll join me in supporting Polloman!